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The Cambridge Union Society Welcome Diana Yukawa

The Cambridge Union Society Welcome Diana Yukawa

Diana Yukawa was asked to give her address as part of the Golden Festival, the last big party before the exam crunch comes in.

The London based Solo Violinist was invited to talk owing to her continued contribution the arts as well as her fascinating heritage and life story.

The Cambridge Union is one of the world's oldest and most prestigious student debating societies. Their debates serve to engage and to challenge the presumptions and prejudices of a wide range of ideas, opinions and beliefs through the use of rational argument and credible intellectual exchange, and the speaker events provide a forum for young people to challenge and learn from public figures from a variety of backgrounds.

Diana Yukawa now joins the long list of powerful, influential and best known figures from around the globe who have given an address at the Cambridge Union. In 1990, at the end of the Cold War, US President Ronald Reagan gave a speech at the Union, in which he reflected candidly on how he had steered the American course through the tense years of the 1980s.

Some other prominent speakers include; Hollywood actor and director Clint Eastwood, UK Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, UK Prime Minister Clement Attlee, UK Prime Minister Sir John Major, Indian Prime Minister Nehru and US President Theodore Roosevelt; and there are many more besides...

The Anglo-Japanese Violinist was honoured to be invited to talk whilst the room seemed to reciprocate her address. Diana comments “it was strange to be in front of an audience without my violin but I was made exceptionally welcome” she continues “it really was a great honour to be asked to be involved in this event”.

The exact origin of the Society remains steeped in legend, but as the story goes, the Union was founded in 1815 at the conclusion of a drunken brawl between several smaller college debating societies. The "union" of the three societies provided the basis for the name 'The Cambridge Union Society.'

The award winning violinist released her debut album at the age of 15 through BMG RCA and released her second album a year later. Diana then embarked on her journey to write original music for the violin which she did and released through Sony Music in Japan in 2009.

Diana Yukawa is currently in the studio working on her 4th solo album - a refreshing yet respected new sound for the violin, something truly revolutionary.

In-between her studio work Diana will be preparing for a performance of her original music at the Tivoli Festival in Copenhagen on 31st May. Tivoli Festival in Copenhagen is one of Scandinavia's largest music festival! This year's festival runs from 1 May to 31 May 2012 and Diana will perform on 31st May. The violinist will perform some of her latest original music.

Diana’s revolutionary sound can be heard on her brand here. 

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